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La Ronde
La Ronde
La Marche du mille-pattes
Kids Ride
Min Height*
La Marche du mille-pattes

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How many legs does a centipede have? Get aboard the Marche du mille-pattes to find out!

One day, they'll ride the Goliath, but in the meantime the young thrill seekers in your gang might want to give a try to this curvy, wavy, junior roller coaster that will be absolutely hair-raising for young children. Take a seat on La Marche du mille pattes, our very own centipede. This ride was built in 1967 in order to entertain young children going to the Expo 67 World Exhibition in Montreal. Rustle up your little ones, step into this La Ronde's classic rides and get ready for a sweet and breezy ride that will remind you of your own childhood.

The hills and drops on this mini roller coaster are not the highest ones but you will get some hustle on the twists, turns, and mini-drops, sure to give your junior daredevils breathtaking thrills. Make sure to say hi to all the other inscts you might encounter through your journey in this fun and colorful garden. Laughs and fun guaranteed! Any 12 years and older guest must be accompanied by a child.

Location in Park

By The Numbers

Arrow Dynamics inc.
Year introduced:
Top Speed:
15 mph
Track Length:
426,4 feet

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