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La Ronde
La Ronde

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Do you dare to board the Démon?

Kindness may not be found in everyone's heart. The same applies to rides. Démon, our brand new devil is in town to provide you with thrills and an adrenaline rush. This vicious creature will go through multiple strategies to surprise you, curse you or make you say things you don't want to! You must be brave to ride the Démon because you never know what happens next on this ride! The only way to find is to try! 32 riders may take a seat aboard the Démon, a giant gondola powered by two huge powerful steel arms. Hey Demon! Workout much? His arms will raise riders up to 14 meters in the air while spinning in several random modes !

Demon will never share his devilish plans with you. You must be careful or you might get yourself into trouble! demon will use all of his powers in order to fool your mind. Démon has many powers and WILL use them against you. Soemtimes, in order to mess with riders, he uses powerful water sprays on them. We can even hear him laughs from time to time! Staying dry if one of the main challenges you'll encounter when riding aboard Demon.

Démon gains enough momentum to soar through a full 360 degree movement again and again and again! The steel beast can even change directions, halfway through the loop! The huge arms operate the boat and then twirl, dip into the void and swinging like pendulums! With no warning, you will be thrown forward or upside down! Don't let the Demon knows you're scared to the bones! The best way to win against Demon is to have fun!

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