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La Ronde
La Ronde
Air Papillon

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Air Papillon is flying straight to fun!

Welcome aboard Air Papillon. The outside temperature is sunny and the aircraft is now getting ready for the flight to Ribambelle's Land. Please let our flight crew take care of you while you'll enjoy your ride which goes up and down in a gentle and fun way! Please note that one (1) adult per seat is permitted and having fun is mandatory aboard this aircraft. The little ones will have a great time aboard Air Papillon. If you're sitting by the window make sure to say hi to your family! During your flight, you will make friends among various types of insects.

Can you identify all the colors found on this giant butterfly used as an aircraft? Thank you for choosing Air Papillon. The captain and his flight crew hope you've had a great time aboard. Have a nice day in Ribambelle's Land!

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